Safety Features

The Hippo’s unique safety features:

The Safety Net-

The platform safety net has a two-fold purpose. Firstly, it secures riders on the platform, preventing accidents on the staircase and secondly, it restricts riders from performing dangerous tricks such as acrobatic flips and dives.

EasyClimb Stairs-

Our high density polyethylene EasyClimb stairs are user-friendly and are designed for all ages. Each stair has grip hand holders and non-slip grooves for a safe and easy climb to the top of the staircase.

TripleTube Structure-

Our solid TripleTube leg sub-structure with an ultra-strong lattice frame delivers incredible strength and support for the entire slide and all of its occupants. The ground leg-spacers ensure that the legs stand perfectly upright and square.

The Partitioned Staircase-

The partitioned staircase has handrails to assist riders when climbing the stairs. It also restricts riders to ascend in single file, preventing overloading. The gentle 40 degree pitch of the staircase allows for a safe, comfortable climb.

The Landing Bed-

The landing bed has been designed to slow the rider down and provide a safe, cushioned landing at the end of the slide.

The Anchoring System-

The Hippo’s unique anchoring system provides safety, stability and rigidity in the most adverse of weather conditions.

Each Bounce House location is independently owned and operated.